Elegant Watercolor:


Learn the techniques of watercolor, such as wet-on-wet, flat washes, graded washes, and ways to control the medium. Study color theory and learn to apply the best ways to care for your materials. There will be projects on how to create multiple values in color, interesting compositions, and add in other mediums to creating beautifully finished pieces. Students will learn to create strong backgrounds for their paintings and play around doing a little illustration. 
Teacher: Mary Sorteberg Langewisch
Prerequisite: Must have drawing experience.
Ages: 13-18 (adults welcome)
Price: $125 per student for the 12 week semester
Class 1: Tuesdays 6:30-8:00pm (perfect for siblings/parents of Students attending Intro to Game Programming at the same time)
Start: September 12th
End: December 5th
Break November 28th
Class 2: Fridays 12:30-2:00pm
Start: September 15th
End: December 8th
Break December 1st
Materials list of what watercolor paints, brushes, and paper will be sent to students.

pencil/ Colored pencil drawing:

Spring semester is a focus on colored Pencil!

This is a drawing course on the right brain training from Betty Edward's book Drawing in the Right Side of the Brain. Learn to see differently and therefore draw more realistically with 6 challenging, but fun exercises. End the class by learning the steps to doing a portrait of a human face, like you never thought you could before! For the Spring 2017 semester students will learn to use colored pencil as a professional art medium by understanding the correct pencil strokes, techniques and color mixing, while doing fun projects including an animal portrait.
Teacher: Mary Sorteberg Langewisch
Ages: 12+ (the brain is more developed and students will get the most out of it at this age)
Price: $125 per student for the first semester
Class: Mondays 10:30-12:00
Start: September 11th
End: December 4th
Break November 27th
Supplies: 11 x 14 in sketch pad, set of drawing pencil, kneaded eraser, pink pearl eraser, ruler, hand sharpener, and a set of 12-24 Prismacolor Pencils.

Cancellation Policy

Classes will be cancelled if less than the minimum of students are registered. Registered participants will be notified a week at the latest before the class is scheduled to start.

In case of sickness, family emergency, or other such cases that prevent a student from coming to class, please email or text the teacher to let them know they will be absent.

If the weather is bad or a teacher needs to cancel due to sickness, or emergency, you will be contacted via email and/or text message up to 6 hours prior to the start of class. Email and/or text message are the main form of communication between teachers and parents. Please be sure to check your inbox for an email before heading to class.

If a teacher needs to cancel a class due to a personal reason or the weather, there can be up to two make-up classes session scheduled for the whole class following the weeks after the scheduled class period. If an individual student misses a class and wants to make-up a class, he/she must contact the teacher to check for availability.  


If you have a need to permanently drop out of a class, refunds can be issued anytime up until the end of the second class. No refunds can be issued after the second class as been completed.