Game Programming


Game Programming



Programming is quickly becoming one of the most valuable skills for students to learn, and what better way to learn it than by programming your own computer games! This class will use the popular GameMaker Studio 2 software in order to teach the basic principles of programming a computer, through a project-based curriculum developed specifically for this class. Skills learned in this class will form a foundation for continued learning in computer programming, and will give valuable exposure to students who may be interested in pursuing a path in Computer Science down the road.

Teacher: Ryan Langewisch
Ages: 12+ (Recommended)
Price: $140 per student for the 12 week semester
Time: Tuesdays 6:00-7:30pm
Start: Sep. 11th
End: Dec. 4rd
(Thanksgiving break on Nov. 20th)

- Laptop Computer (either Windows or Mac)

Students will be required to bring a laptop to class, as well as use it throughout the week to work on the class projects.

Already taken one or more of Ryan’s game programming classes?

This class is being designed to cater to newcomers and returning students alike. Please reach out if you have any questions, but this class is meant to be inclusive and flexible to offer the right level of challenge for each student! (Contact Ryan:

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