One-on-one Instruction

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One-on-one Instruction

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Get personal art instruction in Painting or Drawing!


Mary has taught students one-on-one for the last 10 years and loves every minute of it! Students will not only be challenged technically, but they will be pushed to finish pieces on time to create a portfolio of work. Students are encouraged to work on assignments at home.

Location: FGI Art Studio

Time Sessions offered:
(Classes can be scheduled weekly or every-other week. Email Mary to see availability: or register below to reserve a spot in line and then Mary will email you to talk about times.

Students ages 12-19: $35 an hour

Adults: $40 an hour

6 weeks: $30 an hour

10 weeks: $25 an hour

Supplies Required:
- When applicable, a computer/phone/tablet for pulling up reference photos
- When applicable, a camera or smartphone for taking photos (moving away from internet reference photos. I strongly encourage students to start taking their own photos to work from)
- Other supplies will be determined by what the students will be focusing on and studying

Times Sessions:
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