Instructions for entry

Please read carefully. If these requirements aren't followed, the art will not be accepted into the show.

Art: The art must be a self portrait of the artist in whatever style they choose to express themselves (Suggestion: the best way to go about doing this is by drawing in front of a mirror or from a photo of yourself with good shadows). Use colors, textures, and expressions if you want, to reflect who you are. The surface of the portrait must be 8 x 10 inches no smaller, no larger. Wrapped canvases, or framed pieces will NOT be accepted. For oil or acrylic paintings only canvas paper can be used. Any 2D medium is accepted (No photography). Only one entry per artist.



Preparation: The 8 x 10 inch surface must be mounted using acid free photo glue dotes/tape, or rubber cement to a Black piece of foam-core board cut (with an X-acto knife) the exact size as the picture, 8 x 10 inches. Make sure all corners of the paper/canvas paper are mounted to the board with no black of the board showing from the front. Artists first and last name, age, email, and phone number must be on the back of the art piece.

All Charcoal, pastel, and pencil must be thoroughly sprayed with fixative before being delivered.



Apply Dates: Apply to save a spot for your art by filling out the application to the right. Deadline is January 31st 2019





Drop off Dates: Art must be dropped off no later then March 1st 2019





Show Dates: Art will be on display during the 15 year anniversary for Fragile Glory Impressions Art Studio March 21st, 22nd, & 23rd. Winners will be announced Saturday March 23rd at 12:00pm. Artist's are not required to attend.


1st - $55 + Ribbon
2nd - $30 + Ribbon
3rd -  $15 + Ribbon
People's Choice* - Ribbon
*Attendees will be able to vote on their favorite self portrait. The self portrait with the most votes will receive the People's Choice award ribbon.



Artist's Name: *
Artist's Name:

Help with your art? If you want any personal instruction on how to prepare your art for the show, please contact Mary Langewisch with any questions or to schedule a time to look over your piece before submission. 720-987-4842.

Mary will confirm your application and email with important dates