Come join as we learn what it takes to have a job as an artists. Learn to take feedback and make changes.

Early Bird Discount – If summer camp registration is received by May 22nd, $10 will be deducted from your registration total.

Sibling Discount – For each sibling included in a registration, $10 will be deducted from your registration total. For example, a registration with three siblings would receive a $20 discount.

Multiple Camp Discount – For each additional camp that a specific student registers for, $10 will be deducted from your registration total. For example, a student registering for three camps would receive a $20 discount.

Referral Discount – Help F.G.I. reach new students! For each new student (that has not taken F.G.I. studio classes or camps before) that registers for camps as a result of your reference, $10 will be deducted from your registration total. Simply have the referred student mention your name in the registration form (in the How did you hear about F.G.I's Summer Art Camps? field) to ensure that the connection is made. There is no limit to how many referral discounts you can earn.

All of the discounts are cumulative, and can be utilized in combination to lower your registration fees.


Note: In order to help protect F.G.I. against the financial impact of students dropping out last minute, a non-refundable deposit of $25 per student per class is required to complete your registration. Mary will send an email with your remaining total (including any discounts) which can be paid on the first day of class (cash, check, or credit card). Should Mary need to cancel a class for any reason, the deposit for that class will be refunded.

Zoo Trip:

Let's take an imaginary trip to the zoo and learn to draw different animals, such as brilliant birds, roaring tigers, massive elephants, sparkling fish, and slithering reptiles. We will use materials such as watercolor, pastels, sharpies, and some mixed media to bring these animals to life on paper! You won't want to miss this adventure. 


Teacher: Mary Langewisch
Ages: 6-9 (or approved by instructor)
Price: $115
Supplies: 11 x 14 inch watercolor paper pad


June 4th-8th from 10am-12pm each day (showcase on August 11th)


Drawing Dragons:

The dragon: this spectacular creature appears in nearly every culture around the world.  In this drawing class, we will learn to draw this marvelous creature. To be able to draw anything, we need to know the different pieces of what we are drawing. What are their traits? Learn to draw different parts of the Dragon from the head to the toes. Together, we will brush up on the mystery of the biology of the dragon:  Dragonology 101. So, bring a picture of your favorite dragon and we can learn to draw it together!


Teacher: Analise Black
Ages: 10-14
Price: $125 per student
Supplies: 11 x 14 in. mixed media sketchbook, drawing pencils, erasers, and a set of ink pens in a variety of sizes



July 9th-13th from 1:00-3:30pm each day (showcase on August 11th)


Pencil drawing:

Let's go back to the basics of drawing, shall we? Drawing is made up of 3 simple components: line, shape, and shadows. For each of these elements we will create multiple drawings so that students grasp the concepts. We will be drawing things from life such as faces, people, trees and landscapes, as well as things from photos such as animals and famous places. We will finish off the week combining all 3 elements together in one drawing of the student's choice. Pencil, charcoal, and pens will be used. We will meet at a nearby park for a few of the days.


Teacher: Mary Langewisch
Ages: 10-16 (or approved by instructor)
Price: $115 per student
Supplies: 9 x 12 in. sketchbook, drawing pencils, hand sharpener, rubber eraser, a Kneaded eraser, and a handy bag to put it all in!


July 16th-20th from 10:00am-12:00pm (Showcase on August 11th)


Pencil Drawing: Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain (by Betty Edwards) Crash Course


This is a drawing course on the right brain training from Betty Edward's book Drawing in the Right Side of the Brain. Learn to see differently and therefore draw more realistically with 6 challenging, but fun exercises. End the class by learning the steps to doing a portrait of a human face, like you never thought you could before! This is a crash course where all the information is given in a short amount of time, therefore students are required to practice at home between classes to insure a better outcome.

Teacher: Mary Langewisch
Ages: 12-adult (or approved by instructor)
Price: $55 per student (additional discounts do not apply for this class)
- 11 x 14 in size sketchbook
- Drawing pencils
- Kneaded eraser
- Pink Pearl or other rubber eraser
- Hand sharpener
- Ruler


Dates & Times:
Tuesday June 12th 10:00-12:00
Tuesday June 19th 10:00-12:00
Tuesday July 10th 10:00-12:00
Thursday July 12 10:00-12:00

Explore the mediums:

Have you tried using charcoal powder before? Or how about Acrylic paint? In this class we will be exploring these two mediums as well as pastel, colored pencil, and watercolor. Get a taste of how these all work and practice techniques. We will create a techniques glossary for each medium and then create a mini project for that medium. Fill your portfolio with lot's of new exploration! 


Teacher: Mary Langewisch
Ages: 12-18 (or approved by instructor)
Price: $140 per student
Supplies: 11 x 14 in mixed media paper pad, set of drawing pencils, rubber eraser, and kneaded eraser.



July 30th-August 3rd from 1:00pm-3:30pm each day (showcase on August 11th)

Watercolor for Beginners:

Learn the many techniques to the elegant, bright medium of watercolor. Explore the possibilities by learning how to paint backgrounds, plants, animals and landscapes. Perfect for anyone looking for a challenge and ready to learn!


Teacher: Mary Langewisch
Ages: 12-18 (or approved by instructor)
Price: $125 per student
Supplies: 9 x 12 watercolor paper pad, drawing pencils, and kneaded eraser.


July 16th-20th from 1:30pm-4:00pm each day (showcase on August 11th)


Creative Meet-ups:

Meet us at select parks on Monday and/or Friday mornings to paint or draw! Tips and tricks on how to draw perspective, textures, and seeing and mixing colors will be pointed out to individually to each student as needed. Some supplies will be provided, but the rest is up to the student to being. This is your chance to get outside and work those creative muscles.


Teacher: Mary Langewisch
Ages: 16-adult (or approved by instructor)
Price: $15 per student per Friday attending
Supplies: Depending on medium chosen (suggested: mixed media paper, pencils, erasers, a clip board or board to tape paper to, paints, hat, sunscreen, and a water bottle.)



Friday - June 8th from 9:00am-12:00pm
Monday - June 18th from 9:00am-12:00pm
Friday - August 3rd from 9:00am-12:00pm
Friday - August 10th from 9:00am-12:00pm
Monday - August 13th from 9:00am-12:00pm

(showcase on August 11th)

Explore Knitting:


Do you love crafting or art but you’re ready for a whole new creative medium? Do you know how to knit, but aren’t sure how to create unique projects all your own?  The Explore Knitting Camp is designed to give you a chance to learn the basics of knitting and its history and uses, develop project planning skills, and provide the space to be creative in your own unique way. Great for total beginners, those ready to take their skill to the next level, and even a parent/child duo! For a creative week of knitting, friendship, and fun, sign up for Explore Knitting today! 


Teacher: Karisa Totah (Noble)
Ages: 11-adult (or approved by instructor)
Price: $120 per student
Supplies: Notebook and pencil for brainstorming are recommended. Yarn and/or needles (whatever type and size you have) are also recommended to supplement the supplies provided.


August 6th-10th from 10:00am-12:30pm each day (showcase on August 11th)

Drawing to Communicate: for Career, job, or education

Have you ever tried and failed to use drawing to communicate an idea in your job, school work or just in conversation? Visual learning and communicating is a huge part of our world, and yet so many people fail to get the right education to learn how to do so effectively, flawlessly, and effortlessly. In this class students will be taught the basics of drawing and not only how to draw perfect shapes for diagrams, but also how to interpret those shapes into 3D shapes on paper as well as some basic shading, angles, and detail replication to enhance your point. Each day students will be given a sinario or topic in which to apply what they have learned. Drawing is not just a career for the gifted, its a way to communicate effectively if done correctly. All tools taught in this class are applicable in any job or learning situation. 

Y Design LoungeSketch 4.jpg

Teachers: Mary Langewisch
Ages: 16 - adult
Price: $110 per student
Supplies: a folder, pencils, erasers, and 8.5 x 11 in printer paper

Camp 1:

July 11th, 12th, & 13th from 5:00pm-7:00pm

Camp 2:

August 6th, 7th, & 8th from 5:00pm-7:00pm

Understanding abstract art:

What is abstract art? Why is it admired? How is it created? How do you make sense of it? Come join us as we explore the elements and principles of design through pastel, paint, paper and more. Learn how to appreciate abstract art from master artists from the present to the present. Learn to create your own abstract final series to display at the Showcase (August 11th).

Teacher: Mary Sorteberg Langewisch
Ages: 12+
Price: $125 per student
Supplies: 11 x 14 in. sketchbook, drawing pencils, rubber eraser, and kneaded eraser.


August 6th - 10th from 1:00-3:30pm (Showcase on August 11th) 

Teacher Bios

Analise Black


Analise Black is an illustrator from Colorado and believes that storytelling is the language of the heart. Storytelling connects people.  Her desire is to encourage families and children through visual storytelling.  Living in Bosnia and Herzegovina for five years and traveling to over 25 countries has had a great influence on who she is today. It taught her how all cultures use the language of storytelling to teach lessons from the past, how to apply them to the present and have hope for the future. She is inspired by children, nature, color and texture.  The mediums she enjoys most are watercolor, Copic markers, digital art, and she can work in other mediums as well.  Analise looks forward to partnering with authors to bring their characters and their stories to life!

Karisa Totah


 Karisa Totah (formerly Noble) learned to knit at age eight, catching the passion and excitement of the craft ten years later when she began knitting blankets for babies and toddlers. This passion to knit with a purpose and bless others with her craft influences every project she makes, the business she owns, and her time mentoring other knitters, young and old alike!

Mary Langewisch


Mary Langewisch has been painting and drawing since she was 4 years old. Born and raised in Colorado, she is inspired by the light, colors, and textures in nature. To her, art is meant to be beautiful and leave an impression in your mind, much like nature does. Her mission as an artist is to create that beauty and also to teach it to others. Mary is the founder and owner at Fragile Glory Impressions as well as a teacher and professional artist. F.G.I. is an Art Studio devoted to bringing affordable, fun, flexible art classes to kids and adults. F.G.I. has been in business since 2004.