Mary Sorteberg has been painting and drawing since she was 4 years old. Born and raised in Colorado, she is inspired by the light, colors, and textures in nature. To her, art is meant to be beautiful and leave an impression in your mind, much like nature does. Her mission as an artist is to create that beauty and also to teach it to others.


Fragile Glory Impressions is an Art Studio devoted to bringing affordable, fun, flexible art classes to kids and adults. F.G.I. has been in business since 2004. Mary is the founder, owner, artist, and teacher. 

Where does the name come from? Well, the original name was My Art Card Company, back when Mary was only selling her artwork as note cards. One of Mary's most well known paintings of a Columbine is titled “Fragile Glory,” which helped get ideas rolling. The beauty of a flower, for example, is just that. . . fragile glory. Art is an imitation of something and can leave a very vivid impression in the mind. And there you have it, Fragile Glory Impressions!

F.G.I., won first place in the 16-21 age category for the Celebration for Young Entrepreneurs  ( CYE )  business contest in 2013  ( acceptance speech ) .

F.G.I., won first place in the 16-21 age category for the Celebration for Young Entrepreneurs (CYE) business contest in 2013 (acceptance speech).

Started in 2004

At Age 4 Mary had told her parents that she wanted to be a teacher. Being the oldest of 4, she loved playing school with her siblings. She was often found creating curriculum for a future class, even with no prospective students in sight. By Age 10, after taking classes at a local art studio, a dream had developed: she wanted to own a studio of her own like that someday. Mary was 11 when she started making her artwork into note cards and selling them at craft fairs around Denver. Two years later she started teaching her first drawing class to some kids in the neighborhood. By high school she was teaching up to 65 students a semester all around the Denver area along with the selling of her new card styles. In 2013 Mary found a small space to call her studio to create art in and teach. The dream was becoming more of a reality. Mary now teaches up to 100 students every semester, she's creating new art products every year, and getting her artwork on display in the Colorado area.

Mary was interviewed on 9NEWS in 2014.


Mary wants to have a large studio and gallery location in an inspiring business savvy community were people of all ages can come to learn, make beautiful art, learn about business, and display what they have made. Mary wants to collaborate with other artists who could teach in their fields to offer other classes in other mediums such as metal, wood, clay, computer art, photography, entrepreneurship, etc. Fragile Glory Impressions' mission is to share the love of beauty through art in a community that is inspiring, fun, and safe for people of all ages.

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